Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm back

Well that month went by in a flash. A long hard flash, but here we are July 1. My office moved, my new space is really nice. We are in a "green" building, we have many windows (which means I can see natural light without having to tiptoe, crane my neck and hope and office door was open), green roofs (glad the weeding job is not mine) and much more open space. I still live in cubicle land but it is much better than before.

I finished many things in the last month which surprises me. The biggest and best is favorite niece is getting married in Florida in two weeks. While the wedding is outside in the steamy heat of a July night on the beach, the reception is inside and will be air conditioned to the max, so I bought a bright turquoise sun dress for the rehearsal dinner and light ivory with blue pattern sun dress for the wedding. So I dipped my toe into the lace shawl arena and boy am I smitten. I did the Wing O'the moth by Anne Hensen. It is lovely. Pattern was well written, it took me just about a month and I only knit a couple hours a day on it. I'm thrilled with how it turned out and am sure I will be doing my lace in the future.

I also finished a pair of socks, they are Claudia Handpainted in the Lipstick colorway. I got one skein for a Christmas present, and that worsted weight yarn only did one sock, so I had to order a second skein online, the dyelots are different but I still like them, and come winter, these bed socks will be perfect to chase the drab doldrums out of my world.
The other piece of news I have is my job is changing, I'm shifting back into a paralegal role from my legal secretary position. Still in the same department, just back into the paralegal world. I'm very happy. I'm totally swamped at the moment, but it will be ok. It is something I've worked towards for several years and I'm proud that I've accomplished this. Posting will be more challenging, but I'll figure out a balance.
So while I'm working on that balance, we leave for Florida soon. To watch my beautiful niece Kristin marry her love, Jeremy. We will have a great time celebrating this new addition to our family.