Monday, June 10, 2013

Spring? What Spring

OK, I'm a hardy midwestern woman.  I can shovel snow with the best of them.  I drive through sleet, rain, snow and ice (and I'm not affiliated with the post office in any way).  I even LIKE winter (most of the time).  I am a knitter after all and where better to knit than in a place where temps range from 100 in the summer (ok, not frequently, but still!) to a minus 40 in the winter.  I DO.  But this year?  Ya, winter lasted two months longer than last year (and I'm talking snow on the ground winter, not just a cold wet spring).  Spring?  well that has just decided to roll over and make way for summer.  But here we are, June 10 and we have had weeks of gray skies, fog, and rain.  Temps barely cracking the 50s.  ENOUGH I say.  sigh...they promised this week was going to be sunny and in the 80's, well I think they are lying!  Today was gray and gloomy yet again.  Finally at 5ish I saw the sun and the temps crawled into the 70's and I nearly wept for joy....maybe there is hope yet.

So enough of the weather report.  I brought a new sample to Lila and Claudine's this weekend, meet the Trellis Rose Shawlette. 

It is a beautiful shawlette with the best border on it.  I used my handspun, Giselle for the body of the shawl and a no name brownish gray for the glorious border.  I also recently received a new shawl pin.  It is carved from a sea shell and is so pretty.  I found them at WC Mercantile, I emailed them, ordered two and they were shipped out so quickly.  If you are looking for unique shawl pins, check them out!
One of best things about this shawl was the knitting fairies were looking down kindly at me.  I did not manipulate my yarn in the body of the shawl at all, I simply started knitting from my skein and the gray of the main part of the shawl flew off the needles, when I started to transition to the edges, the reds, pinks and hints of brown slide through my fingers.  Once again, my yarn makes me look like a much better knitter than I truly am.  I'll take the luck!