Monday, November 22, 2010

Knitting is fun again

After what seemed like a long time, knitting is fun again.  May be because I've finished all my commitments for other people and I could cast on for myself...more on that later.

I finished the fingerless mitts on commission.  I had to knit 3 black/gray mitts to get 2 that were acceptable together, then ripped out the odd mitt and used it to knit the thumbs for the 2 fraternal twin mitts.  I was going to deliver them to the buyer but the Twin Cities got a huge ice storm Saturday night which turned the streets, sidewalks and freeways into ice rinks.  So the van stayed home all day Sunday and I was able to indulge myself.

I spent the day spinning and knitting.  I cast on a scarf from a new book I recently got, Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders.  I LOVE this book.  Now it may be because I have um just a few skeins of sock yarn in my stash.  But the patterns in the book are very diverse and fun.  I'm making a scarf called the Lettuce Slide Scarf.  It is a simple pattern but fun all at the same time.  And to add to my delight, I'm using my handspun.  I realized I had not made anything from my own handspun for me.  I've made things from my handspun, just not for me.  So I took a recent spin that is comprised of BFL and 25% silk and created this.
It doesn't look like much, but it feels wonderful and I know I will use and enjoy the scarf during our long winter months.  I also decided that I'm not knitting many Christmas gifts this year.  What I am knitting cracks me up.  I've given my mom Christmas socks for probably 3 years now.  She loves her handknit socks.  But this year I decided to mix it up a bit, I sent to the UK and got a kit for this.  Stop laughing.  It is cute.  But then I think pugs are cute.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Struggling with knitting

Well that is a title I never thought I'd type.  I think the massive amount of time I spent knitting leading up to the October craft fair did me in.  I'm spinning quite a bit, but the knitting is definitely taking a back seat.  I have finished the first of two reading mitts that a person ordered.  She wanted a brownish pair, I showed her several skeins via pictures and she picked this pair, it was brown, black and red.  Clearly the red has taken over the color palette.  I'm hoping it will still work for her.  You can see in the upper right corner the yarn I'm using for the black pair she also ordered.  It is a Zauberball of black, grey, and a bit of cream.  I'm up to the thumb gusset for the first mitt and while it is a bit thicker in weight, I think it will work out fine.  Just a bit chunkier.  I'm finding knitting on commission is more nerve wracking than I thought.  It is easier to have a finished product that the person can touch and feel and take.  This is harder for me.  I hope she will be happy.  Then my friend Ellen has ordered a pair of mittens and glittens for her granddaughter and husband.  So I have more knitting to whip out in the coming weeks.  I'm hoping to finish the fingerless mitts by next week.  So I can start on the mittens right away.

I have been spinning quite a bit.  I'm finding that is relaxing me more than the knitting at the moment.  We have had a lot of doctor appointments in the last month between my mom, youngest daughter, and yes our pug Gadget.  spinning has helped take the edge out of monitoring every ones meds and appointments. 

I realize the knitting content has been low lately, I will try to kick it into gear, after all the holiday's are fast approaching...soon I'll have my countdown and projects listed...why not know?  Pshaw...there is SOOO much time between now and then that there is no challenge....ya that is my story and I'm sticking to it.

OH I did do something exciting!  I took a knitting class.  This is only my third knitting class period.  I was able to get into a Lucy Neatby Ambidextrous Knitting class.  She is an amazing teacher.  I had a wonderful afternoon and feel like I can now neatly do stranded knitting with a different yarn in each hand.  She was encouraging and empowering.  If you can take a class from her, don't hesitate, you will enjoy it and learn.  And above all?  It was FUN!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trunk or Treat

This year we participated in our church's Trunk or Treat festival.  It was the first time church did anything like this and I must admit, it was more fun than I anticipated.  While it was chilly it wasn't as bad as it could have been, no snow!  smile...In Minnesota one has to think about if you can get warm clothes under a costume in order to trick or treat.  Or you suffer for the sake of costume beauty and are cold.  This year Anna was an 80's all her crazy glory...and Emily invited a friend along for the fun.  Emily was a 60's girl ready to step out onto a dance floor while her friend Joelle was a princess, sweet and regal.

I'm working on 2 pairs of commissioned fingerless mitts, one will be finished in the next couple of days and hopefully the second pair will fly off my needles as my friend has also commissioned a pair of mittens and glittens for members of her family.  My Yggdrasil afghan still sits in the corner, waiting for me to tackle the final 2 1/2 sides of the final border.  Soon.  Once I get these fun projects complete I will focus on my own holiday knitting.  Do you realize there are 52 days until Christmas?  Yup...let the countdown begin.  I'm only planning on 2 knitted gifts this year, my mom loves knit socks, so I'll make her a pair to add to her collection.  And then just because?  I ordered a kit to knit a pug.  Yup, I've officially gone around the bend, because while I swore I would not knit a sweater for Gadget, apparently I don't think it odd to actually knit HIM.  Lord help me....I'm sure pictures will follow.