Monday, June 20, 2011

As promised!

And without further is my Sweetgrass scarf in progress...

Isn't she pretty!  It is made from my handspun...a mix of wool and silk.  The resulting yarn is a bit rustic looking but with a really nice strong yet soft feeling to it.  The pattern is the Seattle Bloom scarf which is found in the Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders book.  I love this book, it is where I also got the pattern for my Lettuce Slide scarf.  My handspun is thicker than sock yarn but I don't mind a wider scarf.  Not after last winter that is for sure.  In any event, I love the subtle striping of the scarf.  I'm knitting with my handspun so I can have more samples at my sale tables in the future.  Like that is a hardship.  smile...I love knitting with my handspun.  Although I'm not sure about the yardage, according to the pattern it needed 400 yards.  I had about 440 yards and I left out two repeats, one for chart A and then the corresponding repeat in chart B.  Hopefully that will be enough, since I do not have more roving.  But that is me, always living on the knitting world edge!  Stay tuned.   

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crazy Jam Packed Life

Hello, I used to blog here.  sigh.  Still no camera.  I have a new one.  It came with no memory card.  I can take 3 pictures.  Add to list - go buy new memory card.

Work is so crazy busy that last night while watching House Hunter's International they went to Iceland.  I thought it sounded lovely.  They have sheep there.  I may have thought about checking air fare.  Already know house prices.  Just saying. 

Please come back soon.  I promise I will have new pictures.  Really.  And not just made up ones from my mind.  Now that would be scary.