Sunday, June 24, 2012

Finally Pictures!

This is my latest spin, Lichen, it is fresh off the niddy noddy so hasn't been soaked or set yet, hence the curly cues.  But the colors are soft and lovely.

I've also been churning along with the baby blanket for Kyle and his Anna's baby.  I'm using the Jared Flood pattern, Girasole.  When Kyle married Anna 2 years ago, I made this for their wedding gift in a gray wool, not exactly chunky, but it worked into a HUGE blanket.  So now I spun this yarn, Millifiori from Ginny of Fat Cat Knits.  I used a SuperWash Merino and spun it to a fingering weight yarn.  It will now work into a baby blanket.  I like the tie in from their wedding to their first baby.  I hope they do.  smile...I did run into a bit of a dilemma...I was knitting at a parade yesterday (love the looks I get when doing knitting in public) and I realized to my horror that in my happiness to have finished Chart E I churned through the first 2 rows of Chart F.  And realized those little sharp jabs in my brain had meaning.  I slowly looked at the directions and realized that Chart E was to be knit THREE times.  sigh...Not once.  THREE times.  Did I mention each row is now 640 stitches around?  sigh...that meant I had to tink back 1280 stitches.  That took a L    O    N    G time....but I'm now on track again, I've reknit the two rows I had to take out, using Chart E this time.  Onwards.  The goal is to have this done by August 4.  I'm giving a spinning demonstration at Yarn Harbor in Duluth and would love to have this to add to my show and tell section.  The other thing I'm bringing?  The blue baby blanket...

Again I haven't soaked this and blocked it.  When I do, that should open up the lace pattern nicely.  but the part I wanted to show was the second picture.  I spun this yarn too, I had a pound of roving and spun up 8 ounces, got a nice thick cushy yarn.  Started knitting.  Got to the final 9 rows when I ran out of yarn, see the first two ends?  That is where I ran out.  Now I knew I had plenty of roving to spin and be able to finish the blanket.  However, I was spinning other things and didn't want to start, just for 9 rows.  So I had one bobbin that I still had some of the original singles on, I didn't spin each bobbin quite consistently so ran out of one bobbin before I finished the other.  I took that small amount of singles, hand wound half of it off on to a second bobbin and then plyed that together, hoping I'd end up with enough 2 ply yarn to finish off 9 rows.  I wound up with 10 yards.  Now 10 yards for 9 rows sounds pretty good, until you realize I was knitting in garter stitch, which is a yarn hog.  But I started knitting, and knew when I got done with row 7 of 9 that I wouldn't get another 2 rows, so I went ahead and started binding off.  As I got half way I started to panic and followed the Yarn Harlot's method when she fears she is running out of yarn, I knit as fast as I could hoping I'd outrace the yarn!  Well see that tiny 1 inch blue bit of yarn in the corner?  Yup, that is all I had left.  The knitting fairy was very kind to me.  And the best part?  I now have 8 ounces of the same roving I can still spin for something else. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Back on line

Boy did that last month go by fast.  The girls and I went to Texas for our vacation.  If you've read my past posts, you know I lived in Texas for a long time.  I've been back home in MN for a long time, but there will always be a piece of me that longs to live in Texas.  When I drop over the Oklahoma hills down across the Red River, I just grin.  And when Anna runs to the door of my friends house to be enveloped in hugs I know I've done something right to instill my love of Texas in my girls.

I have been busy on the spinning/knitting front.  My nephew is having a baby in the fall so I spun some beautiful fiber and have been busy knitting it up into a baby blanket.  I made Kyle and his Anna an afghan for their wedding present.  This time, I spun the yarn myself into a fingering weight and using the same pattern, I'm creating a baby blanket.  Pictures to follow.  I also knit another baby blanket since I wanted a more utilitarian gift for them to use.  And just to top it off, my niece is also pregnant and due in a few weeks.  I'm working on a little sweater for her little girl.  This is a Florida baby, so a lightweight sweater seemed the way to go.

Hopefully, I've still got readers.  I'll do better, lots of pictures coming up.  Baby blankets to show off.  Soon babies too!