Friday, September 24, 2010

Charlie Brown

Noah could be pulling up to my house anytime, ready to load us out of our second story windows.  Minnesota is having some flooding issues...yesterday it rained hard, stead, virtually all day.  The ground is completely saturated already so the water is just running off, major freeways are closed, small towns are virtual islands with the roads shut coming into or out of them.  We are fine, just a bit soggy.

And to totally throw a wrench into the system, I'm listening to "A Charlie Brown Christmas' music.  I explained to my mom over the phone I was listening to it, long pause, she said "do other people have to hear that?"  See I live in a cube world at work, I laughed and said I have my headphones on.  She just sighed....I love Christmas music, listen to it all year round...and sometimes there is just nothing better than to hear Schroder pounding away on the piano....

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