Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Working my way back

I've been silent for a while, now I've been spinning and knitting nearly all the time, I just needed a bit of a break from writing.  But to tease you a bit, look what I recently got from Ginny at Fat Cat Knits
 Isn't this a wonderful box of fiber?  I get them delivered at work so I can enjoy them all day long.  I kept shifting fiber from the bottom of the box to the top as the day went so I could ogle every colorway in turn.  What you say?  There is more?  Why yes there is...this is the next layer in the box of fiber goodness.

See what I mean?  To have 7 pounds of fiber sitting in a paper filled cube all day literally had me smelling fiber fumes happily all day.  People on my floor now know to watch for these types of boxes and readily stop over to squeeze and relish in the joy of Ginny's amazing colorways.  Me?  I just dream of spinning all day.  Can't hurt that is for sure.

I'm heading back to Duluth to Yarn Harbor for another spinning demo day on March 23.  If you are in the area, stop by, I'll be spinning (see box of fiber) and laughing with all the wonderful people who come and go during the day.  And a month from then, on April 27th, I'll be at Yarnover, the annual knitting all day extravaganza held at the Hopkins High School.  They have an amazing line up of nationally known teachers, Stephanie Pearl McPhee, Stephen West, Annie Modesitt among a few.  They also have a market place all day filled to the rafters with amazing yarns and fibers and just all things related to fiber.  I'll be there and can't wait to see everyone. 

I finished a Leftie scarf recently.  See how pretty?  And one of the beauties of using my hand spun is that it does a lot of the work for you.  See the different colors of the leaves?  Well all I did was use a skein of my hand spun and knit and it created the most magical array of colors.  Makes it look like I really am much better than I am with color.  This is a super easy pattern to knit and one that with the variegated yarn really turns out well.  I'll have this scarf at Yarnover as a sample, but currently it can be found at Needlework Unlimited as they are the newest store that is stocking my hand spun yarn.  smile...I'm thrilled to add them to the other stores selling my yarn.  Stop in and say hi to Karen and the gang and tell them I sent you!

I took a much needed respite last month with a friend.  We drove up to Grand Marais and stayed in a beautiful hotel suite which was basically a mini apartment right on Lake Superior.  It is one of the first times I've been up there in the dead of winter and I loved it.  How could you not love views like this?
This was taken from our balcony.  Grand Marais is turning into my hiding place.  A wonderful soothing place when I can truly relax and let my spirit sing. 

I'll try and be back at a more normal pace, I thank those who may still be reading.  I appreciate it.

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Kathryn Ray said...

Your Leftie looks amazing.

I have yet to visit Grand Marais. It sounds like a lovely trip. The furthest north I've been is Duluth. ;-)