Friday, March 7, 2014

Welcome to the new home for Knitting My Way Home

Today is the grand unveiling of the new look to my blog, etsy, facebook and every part of my yarn world.  I have a niece who helps small businesses work on branding and creating a true cohesive look to all their sites on social networks.  She took my rather plain and boring blog and with hard work, amazing creativity, and a laughing spirit, she created this.  And I'm so happy!  (look at her site, it is amazing, Serendipity Designs)
It is perfect timing with my new adventures coming up in Dallas.  So look what is currently in my is an amazing blend of BFL roving and Bamboo.  It is called Grotto and it is spinning up thin and luscious.  This is the first bobbin but I should be plying it this weekend.  
While I was spinning, Emily came in my room, plunked herself down, took out my handcards, grabbed a bunch of hodge podge bits and pieces of roving and started making rolags.  Before long she had a small basket filled.  As you can see she used reds/yellows/blues/whites.  I quickly and roughly spun the rolags into a thick and thin rustic yarn.  It is soaking, but for our first efforts using the handcards?  We are both thrilled.  I'm thinking we just might have a fun basket of small yardage bulky yarn at Dallas.  Perfect to add to brims of hats or cuffs on mittens. 

It is late, I have work in the morning, so will leave for now.  But please, take a look around the blog, there are links now to my facebook page, if you like what you see, please click the like button!  It is so much fun!

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