Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fun at Shepherd's Harvest

The sheep festival held yearly at the Lake Elmo fairgrounds was wonderful as usual.  Again it was cold, damp, and drizzly out but that only helped in the knit ware fashion being modeled by all the attendees and vendors.  I had a great time.  And I only went through 2 of the 4 buildings filled with vendors.  I had a set budget and I went through that in the first two barns, the girls and mom were done so we left.  Some year I would like to go alone and not worry about everyone else and really just wander to my hearts content.  But no complaints.  I had a great time.  I already spun up this roving. It is called Atlantis, and the yarn looks and feels wonderful. 

I also bought some great Briar Rose yarn, it is in deep reds to black.  I'm not sure what it will be, probably a luscious shawl, but I'm open to suggestions.  One of the things my girls like best is knowing there will be food there, the kettle corn is the big draw for them.  I also am happy to give them money as we arrive if they need mother's day ideas.  Anna already had her gift for me (which was a lovely wooden heart that she made herself at school, with power tools and everything!)  Emily made me a beautiful card filled with all the reasons she loves me.  Can't go wrong with that.  But she asked for some money and this is what she gave me on Sunday.  It is a lovely poweder blue with pink.  Very soft and lovely.

I took stock of my yarn this weekend and realized how blessed I am.  My handspun is filling the cubbie to the brim.  I have two wheels of roving tucked next to the shelf as well as a LARGE basket overflowing with camel, merino, silk, and wonderful wool ready for spinning.  I have the completed handspun ready for hats and gloves.  I have oodles of sock yarn waiting to be socks or scarves.  And in two weeks, the local yarn hop is looming.  I made a big girl decision.  I'm going to skip it this year.  I have loved going the last two years.  I even won a huge prize the very first year I went.  But I think I'm going to pass.  I don't NEED anything.  And I'm thinking right now that I don't want anything either.  I've bought the books and magazines I want.  I have more than enough yarn and roving to hold me for (lets face it) months.  So instead of going to the shops, I will work on enjoying my stash when it is at its best.  Filled with endless possibilites.  Sounds like a good plan.
And finally, lest you think I've been slacking.  Here is the blanket in all it's glory.  I'm on the cable leaft border.  This will be a masterpiece I think.  I love it.

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