Friday, May 21, 2010

Running on empty

The last two weeks have been a marathon.  Now if it were a marathon of knitting or spinning, I'd be squealing in delight.  Nothing so fun.  Instead it is the end of school events, this week alone had 2 concerts and a track and field day.  Last week was the fun night at school.  There have been doctor appointments for a few of us.  There was trips to our family home town to visit graves which is always emotionally charged and meetings to resolve issues with my mom's duplex that is now back in her possession after a failed Contract for Deed to puchase fell through.  Just a hard draining couple of weeks.

Tomorrow is Emily's birthday party, she and some friends will head to a nearby salon for manicure's, hair dos and makeup before returning to our house for pizza, cake and presents.  Then I plan on going to my room and curling up for a long nap!  Knitting has been slow and sporadic, but the blanket is moving along.  I'm around the first corner and heading along the second side of the leaf/cable border.  It is becoming very familar and easy which means I have to really watch what I'm doing on the cables or I will make a mistake not to be discovered until I'm around the corner flying along.  I may pull out some roving to spin, maybe this,
It is a merino silk combo I picked up at Shepherd's Harvest earlier this month. 
The Annual Shop Hop event is this weekend here in the Twin Cities.  I've  had great fun the last few years attending, there are 6 shops in the area that promote this event.  You head to each of the shops over a Friday through Sunday and receive little gifties with a purchase or donation for the food shelf.  You get a card stamped at all the stores, at the last store you leave it and next week the owners get together for a drawing.  Six store prizes, one grand prize.  The first year I went I was lucky enought to win a store prize and it was AWESOME.  I won a large quantity of yarn, a beautiful knitting bag, patterns, gift card for the yarn shop and many other beautiful items as my booty.  Talk about fun when I went to pick it up and got to spend the gift card to get even MORE yarn.  smile

But I've decided that I'm not going this year.  I have so much yarn and roving right now that I've reach a level of stash I'm not comfortable with.  Even though purchases are not required to participate in the stamping of the card, I always purchase something at each store (I say that like it is a hardship) so I decided this year to let it go and I will look forward to next year and shop with a vengence!  So to all the yarn hoppers out there, enjoy and good luck! 

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