Friday, June 18, 2010

Status of Yggdrasil and news on Emily

I'm in the final stages of the might Yggdrasil.  I'm closing in on the first corner of the final cable border.  It is truly a huge blanket and even in summer, I love knitting on it.  But I live in MN, we have had a very cool and rainy June, so it has been quite pleasant to sit with that massive pile of wool in my lap.  So I keep slogging on, target completion date is early July.  Then look out...I feel a huge staritis coming on, be it spinning or for new projects to start soon.  But the last few days I've been grateful to have Yggdrasil to focus on.

My Emily was scheduled to have a surgery done due to her cleft issues yesterday.  Problem is the insurance company is balking at approving part of the procedure as they feel it falls into the "cosmetic" arena.  It infuriates me that it is even a question.  Two years ago after her first lip revision it took me 10 months of appeals and letters and phone calls to get two denials overturned and payment in full made by the same insurance company for her lip revision for the same reason.  Even though she had limited cartilage in the structure of her nose, the work the doctor did to try and build her an internal structure with the small amount of cartilage she had was deemed initially as cosmetic so no coverage.  Really?  On a six year old?  With a cleft history?  But they finally paid for that surgery and I thought we had established her cleft issues clearly.  Last year's revision and further surgery ended with no problem at all.  Then smack here we go again.  I can fight this fight.  But it angers me that my child has to wait because of insurance issues instead of getting all the medical help that is available.  When the doctor tells you they haven't had to get pre-approval for this particular procedure in over a year and a half from any other insurance company nor have they had any denials perviously it makes you just so disapointed in the state of how these things are decided.  I said it before.  I fought for years to adopt Emily.  I thought once I got her home, my fighting days were behind me.  I was wrong.  Well hold on people.  I can endure what you throw at me and I will prevail and my child will have the very best treatment out there.  Because she is entitled to it.  Period.

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