Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ineffective Sunshine

When this description creeps into the weather forecast you know it isn't good.  "Ineffective Sunshine"  Sunshine is good...ineffective bad...bad word used before good word, means one thing...while it is at least pretty outside with the sun shining, there is absolutely no heat, no warmth emanating from it whatsoever.  Which means it is bloody cold outside.  sigh...negative temp cold.  with wind.  Which I guess means I should be happy because I can sit knitting with the Yggdrasil blanket on my lap and I'm NOT hot! 

I'm in the home stretch of Yggdrasil.  I'll finish the 3rd side of the final border tonight.  And with it being the only thing I'm working on until it is done, I should finish the final and fourth side and last corner in about 10 days.  I haven't taken any new pictures as nothing has really changed yet.  But I am trying to figure out how to take a picture of it when it is completed.  It is huge.  I may be hanging over the loft railing trying to capture it on the foyer floor.  That should be interesting...

Hopefully the next installment will not be about an adventure to the emergency room with me having to explain why I was plummeted to the floor from the loft because I was taking a picture of a blanket.  smile...

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