Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Return of the knitter

We've returned from vacation.  I'm telling you, the last few months have been a bit overloaded and I really enjoyed our time away.  Just look at this....

Is that not the most glorious picture?  We were at Mount Rushmore, it was a beautiful day, I looked up and it felt like God's hand would reach out to me at any moment. 

We were gone for about 10 days, a lot of driving, but I loved the scenery.  We started in Vail, CO where my nephew and his wife live.  While the mountains were gorgeous, I decided it wasn't a place I'd like to live.  Does anyone else do that?  Measure places by deciding if you want to live there or not?  I do.  We had  a lot of fun there including the girls slid down a mountain top.  Yup, I said SLID.  There was still snow up there and combine that with some plastic garbage sacks and they can now claim they slid in July.  smile.  After a few days in Fail, we headed to Rapid City and had even more fun at Mount Rushmore.

Even though I've been here before, you forget how amazing it is until you are standing below the Presidents.  And the story of how they were chiseled out of the mountain is worth the trip alone.  Directly from there we went to the Crazy Horse Memorial.

This I had not seen before and even though is is not finished it is stunning.  And what I think they do better than the Mount Rushmore site, is there is a great museum and informational center right there.  The story of Mount Rushmore is explained in great detail in a museum in Keystone, a nearby little town at the base of Mount Rushmore, but not actually at the site.  Crazy Horse had a great informational center right there.  Now you may notice a difference in the skies, they were taken about an hour apart.  Maybe because in trying to get from Mount Rushmore to Crazy Horse, the driver (ahem, that would be me) somehow ended up going up a road climbing a mountain that was maintained by the Park Rangers.  Yup, that was one interesting ride, full of switchbacks, one lane tunnels carved out of the side of the mountain, and even wild critters crossing the road in front of Bison!  Just an additional adventure on the way to Crazy Horse.  We left the Crazy Horse monument and in 10 minutes were pulled over on the side of the road as torrential rain and HAIL pounded our rental Jeep!  Fun times...the girls had plenty to say about that, let me tell you!

I only found one place on our travels that had yarn.  In a small town near Vail, there was a yarn shop.  I bought roving but was disappointed I couldn't seem to find more wool/sheep filled fun.  I did finish knitting a scarf out of my hand spun, but it needs to be blocked before any pictures can be taken.

But I'm back and have been spinning and knitting as much as I can.  So many ideas are floating in my head!  Just a few more pictures of our time away...

My mom and my girls.  Can't ask for much more than this.

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