Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall on the North Shore

We had a great weekend up north. Today will be the scenic pictures as I didn't yet take pictures of the stash enhancing I did this weekend as well.

The weather was perfect, cool, sunny, and just right for wandering Lake Superior looking for perfect rocks and wood to build treasures.

We took a cruise of the Duluth Harbor and nearby bays, windy, gray day.

One of my favorite things we did while in Grand Marais was to walk out to the Lighthouse along the cement barriers created to protect the harbor. You can see the people walking along the tops to get out to the lighthouse. It is reasonably wide enough except when you meet and have to pass people as you are coming and they are going. The girls are surefooted as goats, me, not so much. But there we went, and the view was spectacular and worth the moments of sheer terror as you look down and see waves lapping over jagged rocks...

Trying to keep the girls from hopping down and scrambling out on to the rocks was a big goal of mine. We did find places we could jump down and know we could get back up without struggling.

But it was worth it. The views are spectacular, makes me feel small and reminds me how vast our world is, even my little part of it.
So until tomorrow when I hope to have the yarn photographed, take a final look at this....and if you are near enough to come visit, make Grand Marais a spot to go. It is wonderful year around. Summer and fall offer hiking, biking, and camping. Winter takes on a whole different kind of beauty. And Spring reminds you why you live in the Northern Wilds of Minnesota.

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