Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekend of fun ahead

Thanks to the MEA school holdiay on Thursday and Friday, the girls and mom and I are heading up north tomorrow for some fun. The leaves should be glorious as we travel from Minneapolis to Duluth and then on to Grand Marais. Trying to find things that are fun for an age span of 6 - 76 can be a bit of a challenge, but I think we are set. We will get to Duluth tomorrow around noon, find a nice place for lunch, check into the Edgewater Resort (waterpark - fun for 6 and 11 year old), room facing Lake Superior (fun for 76 year old) and a mere 1.6 miles from Yarn Harbour (fun for ME). Our first big adventure will be a 1 1/2 hour cruise on Lake Superior (why does the theme song from Gilligan's Island keep floating through my brain?) will take place tomorrow afternoon. Then an evening of water splashing fun for the girls and me. Friday's plans are more loosey goosey, it may be rainy, so possibly the Aquarium or Imax Theater will be fit inbetween visits to the water park at the hotel. And finally on Saturday we will head farther up the lake shore to Grand Marais. I love this small town, snugged into the shores of Lake Superior. Vast expanses of water, trees, rocks, and air. We don't get there nearly enough. Sunday will be the long drive back home, with everyone but me snoozing in the car. Plenty of pictures will be posted upon our return.

Of course I have not packed or even thought about what the girls and I will need other than our suits for the waterpark. So there will be laundry done tonight and packing straight out of the dryer into the suitcase. This alone will ensure that clean clothes will be available for the trip. We will also need some hats and mittens as the weather will be cool and with the breeze off of the lake, it will feel cold.

While I have not packed clothes, I have figured out what my knitting projects will be. I'm bringing two socks, one is a second sock that is torturing me. It is a plain brown stockinette and it is taunting me, never seemingly will it be finished. The other is a much prettier blues kid sock that I'm sure will be finished before the mocking brown sock will be!

And who knows what new yarn will sing its siren song to me at Yarn Harbour that will easily shove that measly brown sock aside. Mock me indeed! And if I'm really lucky, I'll be able to squeeze a trip into the Little Red House at Grand Marias, another lovely little yarn shop.

So a well deserved fun weekend is ahead....stay tuned for pictures!

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