Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Due to the grayness outside...

knitting on the white shawl has been temporarily suspended for this.

This lovely riot of colors that reminde me of rhubarb, is the Citron shawl, which I found on Ravelry.  It is a fast and prety shawlette.  And I love the pinky/purpley colors that meld with the spring green.  Perfect to banish the winter grayness away.  I'm on the last repeat and will start the 11 rows of 550 stitches each for the ruffle.  Fun times people!  But it is simple stockinete and I will glady take it.  It will cover the shoulders in just a barely there type style or will be very cozy wrapped around a throat for comfort as well as color in these winter doldrums.
I should be nominated for the bad mommy award today. The two neighbor kids I drive to the bus stop with Emily were at our house this morning, all dressed in their usual snow pants/jackets/hats/boots/mittens.   Emily hops into the laundry room to get her gear when we both gasp. We totally forgot that last night I threw her jacket/snowpants into the washer. And there they were, STILL in the washer. And still very wet.  Not damp, but WET.  So not dry.  Not good. I pull another pair of pink snowpants off the hooks and they fit Emily perfectly. Grabbed her last year jacket (also pink) and with her pink mittens and another hat we were set. Now her jacket is a light weight winter jacket but I think we are ok today. She will have it on for recess for about 20 minutes and with her running around she should be warm enough.  How can I forget my childs winter outerwear in the washer!  In January!

We are down to the final week before my mom heads south for the month of Feb.  She is so excited and I too am looking forward to having time alone and alone with the girls.  I'm planning on taking at least one day off for me.  No kids.  Just me.  And I see some yarn hopping in that day.  Lord help me.  I will be loose, alone, in yarn shops.  No promises on what will come home with me.

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