Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spinning up a New Year

I like New Years.  I like the promise of new things, opportunities seem endless, and the hope to change some of the challenges from the past.  I don't do a lot of resolutions or things like that.  I do think of some things I'd like to accomplish, some big, some small.  And everything seems possible in the early part of January.  A couple goals I have this year include opening an Etsy shop for my handspun.  I love to spin.  Sometimes I love to spin more than I love to knit.  Which means I end up with LOTS of yarn.  And it is really nice yarn.  There is a real difference in using handspun in place of commercial yarn.  So far this year I've spun up these...

The reddish orange is 100% wool and it is perfect to deal with the winter grayness and blahs that seem to creep over me during January and February.

I also finished the blue green skein that is 100% Falkland wool.  Falkland wool comes from an island, the sheep aren't dipped so their wool is wonderful to work with.  This was one of my favorite spins recently.

 Then I did the purple skein called Sugar Plum.  All of them turned out nicely, all are squooshy.  A lovely problem to have is that right now I want to spin more than knit.  Currently I'm working on 100% alpaca.  Now that has to be the most exquiste spinning experiences I've had to date.  It is spinning up almost by itself, I can't wait to see how it plys together.  And I bought some new roving this week after visiting the Knitter's Palette in Lakeville.  I walked out with some fabulous lime green and a deep blue black top that I can't wait to see how it turns out.

But the most interesting thing I found was this.  That my friends is 3 ounces of CAMEL!  Who knew?  In the frigid darkness of a Minnesota winter, I will be spinning up CAMEL.  The possibilities are endless....Stay tuned....

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