Monday, January 25, 2010

Spinning Pepi La Pue

I finished my Citron Shawl late Friday night.  Emily is clamoring for it, we will see how that works out.  But I do love the colors, and the pattern was nicely done.  No complaints here.  I'm back working on the white prayer shawl.  Note to self:  think twice, maybe three zillion times before knitting a white item in the dead of winter.  Also, after knitting on something else for a week, don't be surprised when you stumble bumble your way through a few rows before you fall back into a comfortable rhythm knitting again.  But I'm half way done on the white shawl, so there is hope if I can power through that I can finish over the weekend.

I finished spinning the lime green roving as well.  I will give it a nice long soak and some serious thwacking tonight and complete it.  The color is pretty spot on in the picture, maybe just a bit brighter, but that is what you get trying to take pictures at night in winter.  I'm happy with it, I had less than four ounces and have almost 200 yards.  So that will do and it is not spun too thinly or tightly, it is nice and squoishy.  I think it would be great in a fair isle hat or mittens.  I'll think on it and see what is calling me.
And finally here is the next spinning pound of Pepi Le Pue!

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