Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pictureless Post

I'm swamped at work.  Dragging home to tend children and taxi them to and fro.  I took a week break from knitting on the blanket, am back at it, turned the 3rd corner of the cabled section and am flying down the 4th side to the final corner and then grafting.  You know how much I LOVE grafting...but I am looking forward to knitting miles of stockinette shortly.

I went to Yarnover last Saturday and enjoyed the market place.  It was very busy since I got there during the lunch break.  I found some roving, a natural reddish brown and then really splurged on 3 skeins of 3 Irish Girls yarn.  Can't wait to see what I end up doing with that.

Spring is in full force here in MN.  Much earlier than normal, so I really need to push on the blanket so I can try and finish it before I can't stand to knit with that much wool in my lap.  Considering I am in MN I still probably have a good six weeks before it gets really sticky here.

Sorry for the boring post.  But I hope to post at least right now, this is as good as it gets.

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