Friday, August 20, 2010

End of Summer panic

I suddenly realized that school starts for the girls in a matter of weeks.  Short weeks.  And even shorter weekends.  Which means we are now scheduling the long promised massive sleepover at our house, four neighborhood girls and my two girls add up to way too many girls in my house!  And who named these things sleepovers!  Very little sleeping will be involved, however, I'm anticipating much laughter and giggles and thumping and eating and movie watching and computer playing will ensue.  The only thing I said was it had to be on either a Friday or Saturday night so I wouldn't be heading to work on a short nights sleep. 

We are also heading up north on Lake Superior for a long weekend next week.  I love Lake Superior.  The temps are always cool and pleasant (ok, maybe not so much in the dead of winter, but now?  heaven!).  Then there is Labor Day Weekend and school starts.  So the girls are packing in as much fun as possible in these last few weeks.

Emily had her first real orthodontist appointment preparing her for the jaw expanders.  It is so hard to watch her in distress, knowing that everything we are doing will help her in the long run.  But it is truly a long hard road we have to navigate first.  And she is so little.  But so strong.  I just hope I can be as strong as I need to for her. 

Much knitting has occured, I've completed several hats and headbands for the looming craft fair.  Now I'm thinking of how to display things to their best advantage, suggestions for displaying my handspun yarn?  I've got a couple different hat stands so that is covered.  I've got a wooden quilt rack that I can use for my scarves and shawls.  So I'm getting there.  I'm spinning nearly everyday.  I think it is truly a way for me to calm myself.  And that is a very good thing.  And getting yarn out of the bonus.

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