Friday, August 6, 2010

A spinning weekend looms

I'm trying to spin everyday.  I'd really like to get my consistency well more consitent.  And the best way to do that is practice.  So this week I've been spinning around an hour a night.  I do think it is helping.  I'm also working on the thinnest spin I've done yet.  I don't know if I'm achieving a true lace weight yet, but I'm hoping for a light fingering.  This is all gearing up to do a big spin to make a baby blanket out of the Girasole pattern with roving I have.  But in order to get the yardage I need out of the amount of roving I have, I need to be consistently able to spin a fine fingering weight.  A good challenge.  I love these colors, I'm debating if it is a springtime flower riot or northern lights.  I'll wait to see what it looks like after plying.  If I put my head down maybe I can finish the second bobbin tomorrow so I can ply on Sunday.

The other project I'm currently deep into is a Mini Moochi hat.  I started this once before but just didn't like how it was looking so I ripped it out.  This time I paired one mini moochi ball of yarn with some left over Julia yarn and this is what has happened.  I can't tell you how much I love this hat.  The green is a lighter spring green, not so olivey looking and the mini moochi variations just glow like jewels.  I'm also trying to finish this over the weekend and if I'm lucky, I'll persuade one of the girls to model it for me.  It does look a bit big, but if so I'm going to try felting it just enough to shrink it down.  But again, I'll wait to see how it looks when I'm finished.

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