Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Wonderland

I've lived in Minnesota for a large portion of my life.  I had a long detour the 14 years I lived in Texas, but other than that, it's been Minnesota.  It is a wonderful place to live, but can really test you.  Today is the 3rd day of December.  We are on our second major snow dump of the season, it is going to get cold immediately after this latest round.  Cold that makes cars groan and dogs moan.  Now as a knitter and spinner, this makes my heart sing.  I can actually make things out of sticks and string that will combat the cold temps outside.  So while others are wailing and gnashing their teeth over the indignities of winter, I will be sliding my hands into my sturdy wool mittens, wrapping a new fabulous wool/silk scarf around my neck and tugging a simple double thick headband over my ears.  Yup, living in Minnesota can be such a trial.  smile...

This is the new scarf I made.  It is made out of my handspun, a combo of BFL and silk and I just love it.  It isn't a long scarf, but perfect to tuck into my jacket to keep the wicked wind out.  I've never kept anything made of my handspun, so this is wonderful.  And it is so ME.

Christmas is fast approaching, I'm working on one gift so can't talk about it, other than to say it is out of my own handspun as well.  But that means I still have a few gifts to get.  And Anna's birthday is fast approaching.  So I see some shopping hitting me in the next couple weekends.  I'll take each girl individually and they can pick out gifts for the other.  I'll go myself either after work on on a weekend as well and do a major push to get the remaining presents selected.  I'm happily listening to Christmas music most of the time and remembering the true meaning of Christmas.  My life is blessed.  No matter what, my life is blessed.

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Sue Bear said...

Hi Sharon - Here is contact info for CPC Boutique. It was our first time there & we enjoyed it! email: Pam Johnson @ or Linda Cravens @

Stay warm! Sue