Monday, April 11, 2011

Yarn Hop aftermath

Oh my I had fun this weekend.  Nine yarn shops in the Twin Cities banded together for a weekend packed with more yarn goodness than should be legal!  You start out with a card and you get it stamped at each of the participating 9 shops.  Once your card is filled out with all the stamps, you leave it at that last store and it is entered into a drawing for one grand prize and 9 first place prizes.  But even though I'd love to win, just traveling around to the different shops was the best.

There was a bit of a stir when they increased the number of shops from 6 to 9.  That is would be too hard and too much distance to get to all the shops in a weekend.  So they extended the time frame so it was over a 4 day period instead of 3 days.  It worked out just fine for me. 

I had the best time.  I don't go every year which I think just makes it more fun the years I do go.  And just look at what I bought.

I laughed when I got home and saw my color ranges, seems I do love me some blues, browns and creams. 

I also bought the Spud and Chloe on the farm book.  I love how Susan B. Anderson creates her little critters. 

For myself, I bought The New Stranded Colorwork book by Mary Scott Huff.  In fact I already started the bag in the lower left of the cover.  I just happened to have those exact colors in Cascade 220 sitting in my stash.  Perfect project for me to work on my two handed knitting.  Felting will cover any imperfections as I work to increase my skill level.

I also found a lovely small project bag from Lila and Claudine's, it is made from oil cloth and was very reasonably priced.  Lila and Claudine's is one shop I had not been to before, well, maybe once?  And I think it is one I will go back to again, especially when it isn't quite as busy as during Yarn Hop.

Another new shop I want to go back to and really visit is StevenBe's.  I found this lovely Three Irish Girl sock yarn.  That just jumped into my hands and wouldn't leave.

I know all the workers in the yarn shops must be exhausted after the last four days, but this is one happy shopper, who just loved exploring new places and finding new yarns.  Thank you!

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