Monday, March 28, 2011

Spinning in a frenzy

I'm getting geared up for Yarnover, which will be held the end of April in Hopkins.  I've been spinning virtually every night.  Knitting has been pushed to the background.  Funny how when I spin I eventually long to knit, when I'm on a knitting binge, I long to spin.  I'm fickle apparently...who knew?  smile...

This is called Tex Mex.  I just finished it last night, it was still drying this morning, it is a favorite of mine.  Just reminds me of Texas.  I'm longing for a Texan spring, now it may have to do with the piles of snow still outside, the cold breeze, heck, wind that hits me everyday, or even the sight of the rotten ice on all the lakes.  Can't imagine why I'd be longing to see fields of wild flowers waving in the gentle breeze...sigh...moving on...

The next skein is a combination of wool and silk and reminds me of underwater world.  I'm going to have the girls sit down and help me name all the skeins for me.  They are so creative and fearless in their naming conventions.  I love them!  My ideas?  Pretty boring, so I defer to them often.

And finally, I'm really torn to put this little baby up for sale.  I think it is the most gorgeous finished yarn and some of my best to date.  It is a perfect blend of yellows/tans/browns.  So many ideas fly through my brain when I see it...I think it would be perfect in color work project, I think something along this line, Gramma K's Fair Isle Tam or the Picot Hem Stranded Snowflake Hat would use this beautifully along with another neutral.

And what is becoming painfully clear?  I need to do some work on my photography...but in any regard, my handspun basket is over flowing, I'm approaching 90 skeins...lets hope others will love them and want to take some home with them from Yarnover!

And for further incentive, if you mention you read my blog, I will give you a 10% discount at Yarnover!

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