Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Injury? While Spinning?

OK, so I've dealt with the whole missing skin thing on a couple of my fingers for spinning a lot.  I've dealt with a very stiff back and not being able to spin for almost a week.  But who knew one needed to be careful when soaking and whacking freshly spun yarn.  Yup, when I was tiredly whacking yarn against the bathroom counter, I somehow misjudged the location of my hand in relation to the edge of the counter. How does that happen?  In addition to whacking the most beautiful soft spring green yarn, I caught my index finger knuckle against the counter edge.  Instantly had a blood blister, started to swell to lovely proportions before it turned a dusky shade of purple over the next hour.  After 3 days, I can bend it again, but please do NOT shake my hand!

I attended a craft fair last Saturday.  It was not a great fair, very VERY few people.  But one nice thing included was my table was next to the free chair massage!  Previously in the week my back went out.  It has happened many times, but this was probably the worst in several years.  Standing and sitting were difficult.  Walking?  Well for those of us of a certain age, I looked like Tim Conway's little old man shuffling along.  But Saturday was nearly a week from when it happened and I could sit as long as I stood every  20 minutes or so to stretch out my aching muscles.  But after a couple hours, I shuffled over to the massage chair and asked him to work away.  He marveled at the "critical" tightness in my right side.  But what really blew me away?  That he said I should sit on an exercise ball while I spun.  A round ball.  While I spun.  Now I use a Julia, Louet.  She is a double treadle.  Which meant that I would be sitting on a round ball.  Concentrating on my hands, both feet treadling away.  Which leaves NO feet on the floor to balance me.  NONE.  Somehow I see this as a disaster waiting to happen.  I can just see me flipping over, roving in one hand, Julia toppling over and crashing to the floor as I go sailing you know what over teakettle!  I politely nodded.  But thought, no thank you, I will sit my crippled butt firmly in my chair and remain as solidly connected to the floor as possible.  Clearly he hasn't seen me operate if he thought I could manage to balance myself on a round object and spin at the same time.  Although my girls thought it would be such a GREAT idea!  hmmmm, those girls were very excited at the idea.  Funny I didn't get an exercise ball for Mother's Day!

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