Thursday, May 19, 2011

No camera but links galore

My old camera is about dead.  It has served me well, I've dragged it all over, sometimes carefully, most times, not so much.  Still it took serviceable pictures.  Nothing earth shattering but it did the job.  Well I got to pick out an award at work recently to celebrate my 5th anniversary here.  I picked a camera.  I'm getting it next week.  So I just haven't bought new batteries etc for the old camera.  It is now dead.  Rest in peace my friend.  Which means even though I had a fiberpalooza weekend, I have no pictures.  So what is a girl to do?

I could try to verbally describe the trip out to Detta's Spindle where I happily rummaged around and left with five bags of natural cream fiber, some lovely wine colored wool mohair mix, a silvery gray, and a bump of mill end of a heathery blue roving.  I accomplished this in under 10 minutes.  If you are in the neighborhood of Detta's, run, do not walk and just fill up your fiber tank.

I could let you know my utter delight of arriving home from Detta's to find a box from Fat Cat Knits where I ordered another, oh um, 4 different sets of handpainted roving, each from 6-8 ounce packages.  My mind just exploded into a showery fireworks of fiber goodness.  My dining room table was covered in roving!  Now that was a good day.  Can't you just close your eyes and imagine what these colorways look like?  "Child's Play"  "Heliotrope" "Millefiori" "Wizard Island"   Well just click away and you can see them.  Can we say I'm in spinning heaven?  Currently, I'm working on Heliotrope.  It is absolutely lovely. 

And finally, to end my pictureless post, I got an email yesterday from someone who bought some of my hand spun yarn at Yarnover.  She already knit it up into a lovely scarf.  She wanted me to see how it turned out.  I think it is lovely.  And I'm thrilled that my yarn is finding it's way out into the world.  Thank you!

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