Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yarnover Aftermath

Yarnover was a blast.  While it started out in the cold and rain, it was so invigorating to see that many yarn lovers and knitters in one place.  The girls and I arrived in a steady rain at the Hopkins high school just before 7 am on a Saturday morning.  Now that is a lot of fun, getting kids up before 6 on a Saturday!  But they did great.  We were able to get the van unloaded between the three of us in only 2 trips.  But we were a bit soggy afterwards.  The yarn I protected, my hair?  Not so much!  smile...but shoppers were there by 7:45 a.m. and it was steady throughout the morning.  While it slowed a bit in the afternoon, the attendance was great.  I sold yarn which made me happy.  To hear so many nice compliments on my yarn was also gratifying.  Sometimes when I'm pedaling away in my room, I can loose sight of really how pretty the yarn is.  Hearing the nice comments from others was good for me.

In addition to selling yarn, I met some of my favorite bloggers which was great fun as well.  I also met and got some promising potential ideas for some future events that may be really exciting.  More on that after things are firmed up.  But thank you to every one who stopped and looked and stroked the yarn.  Y'all made my day.

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knittingupnorth said...

I love the yarn I bought! I'm hoping to get a post up tonight about the handspun and the class I took at Yarnover.