Monday, July 16, 2012

The circle of life

In the last ten days, we've had a funeral, a birth, and a wedding in my family.  Sadness but oh so much joy.  All in all, we are blessed.  Although I will admit, tired!  The sadness of losing my great uncle is blunted knowing he is once again together with his beloved wife.  The joy that stretches so high and wide is my favorite niece had her first baby last week, welcome to the family Adelynne!  And finally two days ago, my cousin's daughter married in a beautiful park.  All in all, lots of family time, lots of laughter mixed with tears. 

In the mix I received a new package of roving.  I found a new dyer, Aloha Blue, her colors are heavily influenced by Hawaii and oh it shows. This is Tropical Sorbet. 

Then there is Lanikai Hike.  I'm a sucker for blues and browns
I also picked out South Seas - this is a Superwash blue Face Leicester roving.

And finally Blood Oranges.  This is what is currently on my wheel.  It is a wool silk blend that is heavenly to spin.  Just slips through my fingers. 

But the truly best thing I'm working on?  This is Baby Girasole, for another new baby on the way to our family.  This baby will be born in November.  When Kyle and his Anna were married three years ago, I knit them a Girasole blanket.  So when they announced they were expecting, I quickly ordered up some roving from Ginny at Fat Cat Knits, I spun her Millifiori into a fingering weight yarn and am powering through a baby sized Girasole.  I love the symmetry of the same pattern.  I'm nearly done and I'm so happy with how it is turning out.  So a couple pictures, does need some blocking eventually, but I think it is gorgeous.  smile....

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