Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Today brought a dramatic temperature shift from yesterday's 90 degrees high humidity....which means only one thing! It just may be time to bring out the hand knit socks!

These are currently my favorite pair, waiting for cooler temps....

Not only is this blog a new adventure for me, today was the first day of middle school for A, and the first day of first grade for E. So I wait until they get home to call me about their first day.
The newness of middle school can be daunting. I hope A's teachers can see my shining girl. I wait at work for a phone call, telling me she navigated the hallways successfully to each of her classes....that she was able to work the lock on her locker... that she found friends to eat lunch with. All the things that are so scary to her.
And for E, newly in first grade, I hope her teacher can see past her shyness and find my funny, smart, giggly girl who is so ready to learn.
Tonight when I'm knitting on my lacy cowl, my light providing a night light for A to fall alseep with and E already tucked in, I will repeat my prayer that they find their way in the newness of their schools. And that this year is one of challenges and fun.

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