Monday, September 29, 2008

Yarn Hop and Birthday lunch

One of the nicest treats I can think of is taking a good friend to a birthday lunch and then browsing through not one, but TWO yarn shops. Sunday found my friend Ellen and I eating at a lovely restaurant (translates to having a menu and not ordering by a number) then traveling to two wonderful yarn shops. The first shop was Amazing Threads, where the store was packed with so many yummy yarns it was almost too hard to pick something out. Almost....I found a great lace weight, from Mountain Colors Yarns, the picture below does not do it justice...the colors are more vibrant and deep. It is truly beautiful and once the Christmas rush is done I will plot and plan what I'm going to make with it that is deserving of such beauty.

This is Winter Lace from Mountain Colors. The colors are deep purples, blues and a bit of a rusty orange, it is called Marias Falls, 50% Wool and 50% Silk....1200 yards of lace.

Amazing Threads was filled with knitters. The first conversation overhead was someone "lusting" after some sock yarn. We all laughed as we agreed it was a common feeling. Then as I placed 2 skeins of yarn on the counter, I was offered a basket to carry around, I quickly said NO! using the feeble logic that with a basket in hand I would fill it (and empty my pocket book) with more yarn than I could carry with just my hands. As I wandered around the corner, I hear the same offer being made to another knitter whose hands were full of yarn, only to hear her reply with a gasp, OH YES! I NEED a basket.....and more laughter ensued.....

Then we traveled to Needlework Unlimited. This is a chock a block full store, I can wander up and down, side to side and still not see everything. The employees are friendly and nice. I look forward to coming here, but it is only once in a while since they are over a bit too far from my house for a regular habit to form. But when I do expand my journeys, this is where I like to go. I also found a different weight yarn there from Mountain Colors

This called Mountain Goat, Juniper is its is 55% Mohair and 45% Wool with 230 yards. But I just had a great time. I found wonderful yarn in amazing colors and can't wait until I can dive into a new project....

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