Friday, May 8, 2009

First skein

So my first effort at creating a skein of yarn was a bit well all over the place! smile...

there are sections that are reasonable and look like yarn, then there are sections where it appears absolutely no twist managed to make it through the skeining process. Or as I'm telling myself, I have some really lovely "designer" yarn. All lumpy and bumpy goodness. I do love the colors of this roving, so remind me of Neapolitan ice cream. My youngest daughter, Emily, picked it out for me. She does have good taste.

I've also been working on a fair isle headband which is turning out very well. The picture is lacking, but that isn't the fault of the knitting, it is the fault of the photographer, oh ya, that is me. The hands with the lovely blue polish are my Anna's, and the coral is mine, you would think that with both of us trying to show it, the picture would be a bit better. Oh well, I was trying to show the picot edging, but white on white and you lose details, note to self, try to figure out a better source of background for next pictures.

But this served a good reminder for me, I bought the headband and a matching pair of mittens as kits on a yarn hop last year. I had never done fair isle knitting at all and while it intimidated me I loved how it looked, so I dove in and bought both kits. A year passed, I've taken fair isle classes and successfully made some beautiful mittens in fair isle as well as this headband. And they look great. So when I look at my wonky skein of newly spun yarn, I can't wait to compare it a year from now with the yarn I will be spinning then. Because in a year, who knows what I will have learned in my knitting evolution.

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