Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Revisit my goals

I read back in the archives and found some of my professed goals for the year. To knit 12 pairs of socks, well I've done 2 complete pairs, have 2 single socks waiting for their matching pair, I reserve the right to count singles to reach 24 socks by the end of the year.
I also wanted a spinning wheel - yippee that has been accomplished. My new goal is to take a spinning class before the end of the year.
Which leads me to my next goal, I wanted to knit more lace. Well call me crazy, my niece is getting married in 66 days. And I'm going to knit my first shawl in that time period. Yup, that is what I'm doing. I picked Anne Hansen's (Knitspot) Wing O' The Moth shawl (not exactly the right title but the best I could remember it) I had suitable yarn in my stash, wound it up slowly (REALLY slowly) Monday night. And last night before heading to piano lessons, I started the set up rows. According to Ravelery, many people finished it in under 2 months. So there is hope. I seem to do well with pressure knitting--see my Christmas schedule. But by moving this up to the top of my priority list, I decided not to take a planned 5 week spinning class in June/July. I need to focus on the shawl during this time. I can wait on my spinning class until fall. So stay tuned. The countdown has begun. Pictures to follow.

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