Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Roving Blizzard

February is fast slipping through my fingers.  My mom is gone for the month in not so warm Alabama and it is just the girls and me.  I relish this time, it rarely happens and for a month?  Heaven!  So I took last Friday off, the girls had school which gave me a ME day.  I got my hair cut at a "spa" salon.  I'm the type to go to Great Clips a couple times a year!  So going to the spa for a cut was sheer decadence.  I loved the parafin hand treatment and just felt very pampered.  Once home, again, just in case you missed it, children around!  I sat on the couch, with a happy dog in my lap and knit away.  I did work on laundry all day, Emily has more clothes than a local dress shop!  The handme downs have taken over and much culling is needed.  Which I planned doing Friday.  But instead, I just knit.  And I'm good with that.  smile...

I did get new roving in.  This is Aspen Gold from Spinderella.  Very pretty, reminds me of carmel apples. 

I also got  Oran Ja Glad.  I love the name, the color is a bit washed out so it is prettier in person.  Hate taking pictures in the winter!

And finally this is Peace o Fleece, again it looks washed out, but it is so very pretty.  I got 8 ounces of each, that my friends is a LOT of spinning.  And don't forget I have 2 pounds of mill ends in Pepi Lu Pue and a bronzey colorway as well.  Oh and a couple blue rovings.  oh my, I better get spinning....but I'm also knitting up a storm.  I'm nearly done with the prayer shawl for Liz.  I'm on the final border.  And since knitting white in the winter is a bit taxing I pulled out some lavendar Dream in Starry and started the Saroyan scarf, it is turning out quite nice I think.

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