Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rustic Roving

I finished plying the grass/hay filled brown roving I was inching my way through spinning.  I've never treadled once, stopped, plucked out hay, treadled twice, stopped, plucked out grass, over and over and over and did I say pull out grass?  Yup, I did that forever, but I'm amazingly happy with the end result.  A bulky, soft and lofty, wonderful deep dark chocoloate (not milk chocolate) brown yarn.  I still have a good ounce - ounce and a half left to spin up but I got two good sized skeins of this wonderful rustic yarn.  I still get such a surpise over what my end result yarn will look like, I thought this was going to be much thinner yarn, but instead it turned out to a nice heavy weight yarn.

The girls and I have about 2 weeks left before mom returns from her month vacation in Alabama.  While the weather hasn't been as warm as she hoped, she seems to be having a great time.  She has seen my niece and her family two times already and will go see them one more time before heading home.  The girls and I are playing some fun marathon Monopoly games each week.  We leave the game set up on the dining room table, eat our simple meals while we play.  Fun to see my 13 and 7 year old having fun, together, at the same time.  Wait, I must get picutres of it next time!  Just as proof we can all have a good time not only doing the same thing, but, gasp, actually doing it at the SAME TIME!  Will wonders never cease....

Tonight I will spin a bit, I need to continue with this deep blue, Neptune, I call it.  A nice change from the brown roving and the white of the prayer shawl.  Maybe I better start praying for me, so I will actually FINISH the prayer shawl....I'm close, I'm on the last border section...just taking a lot longer than I expected.  Why, when I'm not knitting on it much, I think it is taking too long, is just another knitting conundrum in my oh so logical world...

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