Friday, February 5, 2010

Parking in the winter

This morning at work great laughter erupted when someone looked out the window at this.

Click on the picture if need be...but look closely at the 3 middle rows of cars....that is a big clue...should only be two rows!  Poor people in the middle.  Now I totally understand the difficulty in parking in lots here in the winter, no lines to guide you, it is guess your best.  But really?  They couldn't figure it out?  sigh...after a company wide announcement went out, the four people went out and moved their cars.  (and if it had been me, I would have borrowed someone else's jacket before running out there to move my car in an effort to hide my true identity!)

Yesterday I left work early and somehow my car drove to not one by two yarn shops.  I did take pictures of one of the items that leapt into my hands.    It is a really pretty blue/black with hits of a brown rusty color in it.  This should help me spin faster as I'm currently working on some dark grayish brown roving.  It has more veggie matter in it than I like as it really slows me down to keep plucking it out as I spin.  I tried looking ahead and getting it out first, but you can't see most of it until you are actually I treadle, stop, pluck out, treadle, stop and repeat..
If you look closely here, you can see a big hunk of straw waiting for me to pick out.  But with the encouragement of the blue Neptune roving, I may spin faster....and then there is also the knowledge that I just may have ordered more roving from a new Etsy store...but that is a post for another day.  Must spin faster!
And finally, here is the first couple of skeins I made from my Pepi Lu Pue roving.  I must KNIT faster!

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