Monday, October 3, 2011

Fabulous Day of Spinning

Saturday morning was one of those you memorize in your mind.  So in January when the wind is howling and the snow is piling up outside, you remember some of the reasons why you live here.  It was a gloriously sunny day to be spinning in public.  I got to Lilia & Claudine's around 9:30, pulled out my wheel and basket filled with plenty of roving and got set up outside their shop.  There were multiple vendors, selling pottery, jewelry, yarn, food treats, vegetables and much more.  People were browsing the many tents and I had such fun.

Within a couple seconds I had my wheel up and whizzing away.  And the first of many people stopped to watch and ask questions.  I forget how many people do not realize there are many of us who have our own spinning wheels and spindles.  Seeing the amazement on their faces as they ask what I'm doing and when they finally understand I'm making yarn it is the shock and awe effect.  I was surprised by the multiple questions on my "home-made" wheel.  When I explained that it was a commercial wheel (I have a Louet) and that there were several different companies that built many different types and styles of wheels, there was much shock.  Kids seemed to have an easier understanding, maybe between Rumpelstiltskinn or Sleeping Beauty, they seemed better able to make the leap to a finished yarn from sheeps wool.

I was asked so many questions on where I got the roving, how it came in such different colors, and what I actually did with the finished wool.  I did have a big issue, it was quite cold even though it was so sunny and bright.  I was mostly in the shade and with a light breeze blowing, my hands quickly got so cold.  Now I had some fingerless mitts along, but I had not finished the thumbs.  I was sure I would have plenty of time to whip out two thumbs.  Well, I was wrong.  I had a steady stream of people around the wheel for several hours.  I finally had enough time after about 3 hours to finish one thumb and gratefully slid my left hand into the glove and it quickly warmed up that hand so I could once again feel the roving slide through my fingers.

All in all it was a wonderful day.  I had the pleasure of seeing one woman buy 3 of my hand spun skeins during the day.  I was able to have a full day of doing something I love.  Thanks to Kirsten and Polly of Lila & Claudine's for helping set up such a wonderful event and including me!  I had a blast.

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