Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pre-Winter preparations

The winter basket full of mittens and hats from last year has been dug out and items too small or worn out have been discarded.  The rest was washed in preparation for the winter soon to come.  Note I didn't say carefully washed.  Sigh...I took a stranded knitting class a few years ago, I made a beautiful gray, white and black hat that Anna promptly claimed as her own.  She wore this hat happily for the last two winters.  Nothing makes this knitter happier than to see something she made used by one of her girls.  Nothing makes this knitter sadder than to see the carnage resulting in a slip of tossing a stranded hat knit from baby alpaca into the washer AND drier.

Not even Gadget will wear it.


Apple Jack Creek said...

Hmm... turn it upside down, put a slit in the side and make it a mugwarmer?

My condolences on the inadvertent felting. Do you feel any better to know that you've made me feel gratitude instead of sorrow at my lack of anything more than a clothesline? :)

Kathryn Ray said...

Oh, my heart aches. :-(

But the mug warmer is a good idea.