Monday, October 17, 2011

Pictures Galore

November 5th I will be a vendor at the Upper Midwest Alpaca Fiber Festival, in getting ready for the event, I did a bit of staging for the show at home.  So here are a bunch of pictures showing my yarns ready to be made into something fabulous...or just to be admired and petted!
This is about 1/3 of my finished skeins...and on the right is the hat I made that I'm hopefully going to have a few kits made up as a package deal at the event.

I found two really nice baskets that I think work very well as displays.  And I love the idea of dreaming of what next I'm going to work it spinning or knitting...right now spinning is pushing knitting out of the way, but I really have several things I need to get done knitting wise in the next couple months.  Not all Christmas knitting, but still a few things that can't wait.

My cousin took the pictures for me, I emailed her and asked to hire her to take pictures of yarn.  Bet she never heard that request before.  Heidi is an amazing photographer.  Years ago, she took pictures of Anna and me that I used in my adoption dossier for Emily.  Maybe it helps that I'm more relaxed around her than other photographers?  I'm not sure...but even though it is hard for me to be in pictures, I like this...

Emily was our gopher, helping stuff baskets with yarn, running and grabbing my roving basket for this picture.  You can see it behind us on the stair landing.  It is filled to the brim, what you see in our laps is the overflow!  To say I have some spinning to do is the ultimate understatment.  Working full time, doing school things, church things with the girls and all the other life appointments makes spinning/kintting as much as I want more of a challenge.  But I'm determined to continue to stock my finished supply.  I really would like to have double my current number on hand for the spring fiber festivals I'm planning on vending at.  So I need to focus on moving things through.  What a chore!

As I spin, I always think what I'm currently working on is my new favorite.  The middle skein is Kodiak, one of Ginny's fabulous rovings from Fat Cat Knits.  I love the greyish browns and silvers...maybe when things slow down I can work on something using it. 

And finally, just in case you think wrangling yarn is easy, check out this shot, we couldn't get a certain skein of yarn to stay in place, so we used a little help.

Hope to see you in Hopkins!

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