Tuesday, January 31, 2012

half done spinning

Once again, I have a pile of unwashed and not yet set yarn in my basket.  But I still took pictures of my latest spins.  This is one strand of Ginny's Harlequin and one strand of natural BFL.  The BFL softened the reds and creams.  I think it will knit up soft and marled.  Some striping, but probably subtle.

Harlequin on its own turned out like this as a two ply.   See how the colors are deeper and more saturated, the sliver grey of the natural BLF really muted and softened the colors.  I wonder how these two would work together. 

I loved spinning up the Farmer Phil singles I did last month as a custom spin. So this time, I did a two ply. I just love how it turned out. This is also fiber from Ginny.

For the upcoming Yarnover event in April, I'm thinking of doing some sale yarns.  I need to move out some of my older yarns, so there just may be a big basket of discounted yarns.  Might be fun to do that.  All of it is so pretty, I think people who haven't knit with handspun are really missing out on something special.  Not just my yarn, although I'm are pretty proud of it.  Even though I love to spin, I'm really surprised to find myself turning more and more to my own  yarn.  And buying less and less commercial yarn.  I just may have to do a big ol' destash of my commercial yarns in the future.  I have some really nice stuff too.  But the limited knitting time I actually have is making it easier for me to use just my own yarn. Sounds like I'm making a big sacrifice doesn't it.  Not really.  But if you haven't tried handpun yet, seek it out.  You may be really surprised in the difference you feel.

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