Thursday, January 26, 2012

Proof of Spinning

I know I've been quiet this month, but one thing remains true, I've been spinning.

This armload of unwashed/unset yarn shows a few weeks of spinning.  About 20 ounces of some Julie Spins "Pastel Jungle", 8 ounces of Fat Cat Knits roving as well as some plain but absolutely lovely BFL from a local place, Della's.  They have all been washed and are in neatly organized skeins in my yarn cubbie.  I still need to print out new labels for them and get them all set.  Because I just applied for a spot at this year's Yarnover.  Last year, Yarnover was my first real exposure selling my handspun.  I sold the most I had ever sold as well as being approached by Lila's & Cladine to sell my handspun in their store.  That has been just a great experience for me.  I can't wait to see what happens this year at Yarnover!

Emily is practicing her photo skills so set up this lovely shot.  smile...I love my girls!

So just in case you were wondering, I am spinning, every day.  It has truly become my source for calming myself.  And I'm so grateful I fell into the rabbit hole of spinning.

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