Thursday, March 22, 2012


Isn't that just the best way to start a new post?  I got my order from Ginny at Fat Cat Knits and it took my breathe away.  I had it delivered to me at work and I literally clapped my hands in glee when the mail room folks brought it up to me.  I left the box open all day so I could look over at all the wonderful fluff all day long.  So many people stopped and asked questions.  My co-workers have little to no knowledge of spinning or knitting and to see this amount of roving just really puzzled them.  But all of them had to touch and were so suprised at how soft it all was.

I can't wait to start spinning it.  I believe I'm going to start with these two.

They are Carnation and Daisy Cakes.  Both are Merino Bamboo mix.  I plan on spinning each color separately and then I'm going to ply a single of each together.  Should give a nice complimentary set of yarn. 

I also have plans for this is DragonFly, it is a Polwarth base. 
I think I'll start by pulling the colored bits apart and then spinning from purple to blue to green.  Won't that be pretty?

I think these would work together as well.   They are called Curry and Tangerine - both in BFL.  Add to the mix this one called Chestnut and the combinations seem endless. 
I'm frantically trying to spin as much as this as possible for the upcoming fiber festival, Yarnover.  It is on April 28 at the Hopkins Highschool in Minneapolis.  I've been selling quite a bit of my handspun in the last month, so I'm really trying to work at building my stock back up.  I'm also going to bring along any of the above fiber I haven't spun up and have that for sale as well, so if you are a spinner and want to try some fabulous fibers, look me up.  If you want your yarn ready to go, check out my spot.  I can't wait!  I haven't even covered all the fiber I have in the main post, so stay tuned.  I'll follow up and when it is spun I'll add more pictures.

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