Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Check out Yarnology

I'm so happy to let you know that my handspun is now in another shop, Yarnology!  Gaby has a wonderful shop in Winona, it has such a nice homey atmosphere and now they also sell my yarn there!  Winona is about 2 1/2 hours south of Minneapolis, the drive down along the river is so pretty.  I forgot how big Lake Pepin is.  I taught school in Winona my first year out of college.  My cousin lives there so after meeting with Gaby and leaving her with a bunch of my yarn, my mom and the girls and I headed to my cousin's house.  Grilled brats, salads, laughter and shared memories capped a perfect Saturday.

Anna had her cheerleading banquet last night.  My girl is beautiful and it was a nice evening, watching her receive her letter as well as a certificate due to her scholastic achievement as well had this momma's heart near to bursting with pride.  She was so happy and it was just a nice evening.

I am in a frantic race with the clock, can you hear it tick tick tick...never stopping or slowing...there are 30 days until Yarnover.  I have a table there to sell my handspun.  Normally I'd have tons of yarn to load up my space, hoping to entice knitters to stop and decide they can't possibly leave the area without that one (or two or three) certain skein in their bag.  Well I had such a wonderful experience at both Yarn Harbor in Duluth and now Yarnology in Winona, that my stock is a wee bit low.  Now if you remember, you know I have nine POUNDS of fiber singing its siren song to me, just waiting for me to spin it up.  And in a moment of desperation, I may have ordered another four pounds of fiber, which should arrive in the next week or so.  So that should translate into no worries for Yarnover right?  Ummm, did I mention I have 30 days until Yarnover?  Ya, 30.  Oh and there is the pesky problem of working 8 hours per day at a company that does not think spinning in my cube is a very productive use of my time.  (I know!  Really?)  So that leaves me about 3-4 hours per week day to spin.  Possibly 8 or so on Sat. or Sunday.  But even so, that is not much time to transform 13 pounds of stunning fiber into 50 skeins of finished yarn!  So what is a spinner to do?  Well, I should be able to finish 20+ skeins in time for Yarnover.  And the rest of the fiber?  I'm bringing that along, I will sell the fiber to spinners and also offer it for sale with the additional cost of spinning if someone falls in love with the fiber but doesn't spin.  So please stop at my booth at Yarnover, I'm sure I will have something that you will love...something maybe like this?
Meet DaisyCakes...a merino/bamboo blend that is so very soft and squishy...I think it is screaming to be made into a baby sweater/hat...what do you think?

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Kathryn Ray said...

It sounds like you're going to be a spinning mad woman for the next few weeks. ;-)

Good luck and spin swiftly. :-)