Monday, March 5, 2012

Well that took a while

Sorry about being off the grid for a MONTH?  sigh...sometimes life just kinda smacks you around a bit and all you can do is hang on tight!  Last time we talked I said I would show you pictures of the other roving I got from Detta' as promised here we go...

This beauty is called Jamaica.  And it is the softest most shimmery fiber I've played with in a is Merino and Tussah silk.  I've already spun up half of it, and it turned out to a heavy lace weight.  I think it almost looks like dragonfly wings...not sure if I will keep it's name as Jamaica or change it. 

This one is called Snapdragon and that is exactly how it turned out.  I finished this as well.  It is a soft pastel with hints of greens, pinks and blues.  I think it would look so nice in a baby blanket or sweater...hmmm my niece is pregnant with a little girl...just might have to think about it.  smile..

While the last month has been a bit trying there have been some moments to treasure too, one is Emily's eighth gotcha day.  It is so amazing to me that I've had Emily home for eight years now.  We've come a long way in that time.  She has had 5 surgeries and come through beautifully.  She has blossomed so much in the last year, at school and at church.  Hearing her and Anna laugh each night is the best music I could hope for.  I've said it before, I just wish I could let both her foster family and birth family know how well she is doing and how grateful I am they helped keep her safe and loved until I could come for her. 

Another really exciting thing for me is my handspun is now in TWO shops in Minnesota.  Yesterday the shop Yarn Harbor bought my yarn to sell in their shop.  Kathy bought a LOT of my yarn!  So if you are in the area please stop in at Yarn Harbor and ask for my yarn.  Her shop is warm and inviting and chock full of a wide variety of yarns, now including MINE!  It was a good weekend in my household.  We got to drive up to the glorious area of Lake Superior and I got to sell yarn!

And for those people in the Twin Cities, I'll be vending again this year at Yarn Over.  This is the year knitting event put on by the Minnesota Knitter's Guild.  It will be on April 28 at the Hopkins High school.  The classes are amazing with nationally known instructors including Nancy Bush, Anne Hanson, Romi Hill, Amy Singer and Annie Modesitt to name a few.  Even if you can't take classes, there will be a smashing marketplace for anyone to attend.  Please stop over at my table and introduce yourself, I'd love to meet people who read the blog.  It would be fun!

Here is hoping it won't be another month before I'm back!

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Kathryn Ray said...

Merino and silk together is truly magical... and that's coming from an alpaca breeder. ;-)

Happy Gotcha Day for Emily and congratulations on the second shop!!