Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finished Skeins

For the last 3 weeks, it feels like every waking moment that is not spent at work or with my girls has been at my wheel.  Now normally I wouldn't complain, but even I have my tipping point.  But it is hard to not enjoy spinning Hemlock.. a surprising mix of oranges, browns, and spruce greens. 

To change it up, I picked DragonFly Wings...  These are really "my" colors.  Greens and purples.  Love this one so much.

And another favorite color range is my golden yellows and browns...this just warms me up from the inside.

Yarnover is a week from Saturday.  I was terrified I wouldn't have a good selection but now I'm really happy with where I'll be.  I'll get another 5-6 skeins done, add the 25+ braids of Fat Cat Knits roving I'll be selling and my table will be overflowing with fiber goodness.  Hope to see you there!  Hopkins High school, April 28, market place open from 8-5, no charge to get into the market place.  So if you need a yarn fix, this is the place to be.

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