Tuesday, April 10, 2012

so not fair

I'm in a time crunch.  Spinning is taking over my life.  So explain how the spinning fairy is doing anything other than howling in laughter at my efforts.  Last night, midnight, Emily is hollering because there is a spider on her wall.  How she could see the spider if her eyes were closed as they should have been at midnight, I don't know.  But I must slay said spider.  I bravely stalk it and with one massive swing, crush it onto the rolled up folder.  As I triumphantly head out the door, I reach out with my right had to flip off her light.  In my exuberance of slaying the dangerous spider, my right hand, instead of sliding down the light switch on the side of the wall, instead crashes straight into it.  HARD.  There was a loud snap.  I'm leaning against the wall, cradling my right hand, left hand still holding the rolled up folder with squished spider on it.  Emily leaped out of bed hearing the snap.  Momma, momma!  are you OK?  Not really I answered.  I tried to not cry.  I tried to move my fingers.  Slowly and carefully they all moved.  Albeit, with pain, but I could move all my fingers.  The most pain filled finger is my pinkie on my right hand.  But I figured as long as I could move it and bend it, it wasn't broken.  I got Emily back into bed, flushed the crushed spider down the drain.  And I realize in horror, this may impact my spinning.  Now I sit at a computer all day long at work.  I need to type a great deal of my day.  But what is the first thing that crosses my mind?  Can I still spin!  I went to bed trying to be careful of my achy finger.  And this morning I sat down at my wheel and tentatively started spinning.  While I need to be a bit careful, I'm thrilled to say, I can spin.  Thank heavens!  And as you can see, I can type.  My pinkie has a weird bruise encircling the first knuckle and the tip is swollen.  But I can spin.  Let the countdown continue.

ps - I finished four skeins last week.  I have two already done this week.  I'm approaching 65 completed skeins, with probably another 15+ sale yarns.  Add to that my mini skeins and I'm feeling better about my Yarnover booth.  Plus I should have about 25 braids of Fat Cat Knits roving for sale.  All is well.  But the spinning will continue for the next two weeks.  I'm hoping to have over 70 skeins at least.  May the spinning fairy's continue their very benevolent guidance in my life.

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