Monday, May 14, 2012

Fun at Shepherd's Harvest

This was the best weather I've ever experienced at Shepherd's Harvest.  It was sunny and warm and amazing.  Emily and I went and worked our way through all the vendor barns.  Had a picnic lunch sitting next to the Yurt.  And when I returned home?  ummm I just may have walked away with over 5 pounds of fiber.  But oh man, what BEAUTIFUL fiber.  So let the fiber pictures begin....

I found this...amazing white, silk.  It looks like Rapunzel's braid....and my hair may be that color before I ever finish spinning this 16 ounce silk braid.  I so want to do it justice.  I want to spin it fine fine fine.  Which means time time time.  But can you imagine the yarn if I can get it the way my mind sees it?  Now just to translate what is in my mind through my finger tips and feet.

Then I stopped at Angela's booth, All for Love of Yarn.  I met Angela at Yarnover a few weeks ago, I have not spun any of her fiber and wanted to try, so I bought three braids, I've already got one predrafted in my spinning basket, but here are the other two I picked out. I picked out a variety of fiber bases, polwarth, merino, although they all had silk in them.  Hmmmm is there a trend I see?  Apparently I need more silk in my life....

Before I came to Shepherd's Harvest, I thought I was going to buy some raw fleeces and then get them processed.  Well that was before I actually saw some of the finished roving already in bags.  And all of the raw fleece thoughts flew out of my brain....resistance was futile!

I found this 2+ pound bag of a lamb named Stella.  A lovely soft gray.  I'm such a sucker for gray yarn...I think this will turn out so beautiful.  I like using the gray as a base for stranded knitting and so much of my wonderful yarn from Ginny's fibers are bright and lovely, they will shine with this gray as the contrast (at least I hope).

And finally I bought this ginormous bag of fiber from Marie, she is from the Dakotas, I sat next to her at Yarnover and we had such fun chatting that day, so I was happy to find her again and this time I had time to really look over her stuff.  And although I tried to walk away from this bag, actually got halfway down the side of the barn from her, I had to turn back and get it.  This is another 2+ pound bag.  It even has some sparkly stuff just barely there mixed in with deep greens and purples and reds.  I can't wait to see how this turns out.  So um, just how long do you think this will take me to spin up? 

Oh and just to make it interesting, I have another order from Ginny that should be shipping in the next few days.  Like 6 pounds of it.  So that makes a total of 11+ pounds of fiber in a month.  Isn't it grand? many little time.  Really my day job is just so cramping my spinning life!  I do have some finished yarn as well, watch for those pictures in the next day or so.  They are currently drying on the rack.  And more on the niddy noddy waiting for a bath.  And did I mention I'm knitting too?  The baby blanket is moving along.  The pattern calls for 9 repeats of the main lace pattern.  I'm on number 5.  Life is good. 

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Melissa Leavitt said...

Sharon, you lucky girl! I'm practically wapping the drool of my keyboard. The silk and the Stella 2 pound bag of wool are to die for. Like you, I love natural gray wool!

I chuckled at your comment that your day job is cramping your spinning life. I so can hear you on that one. Wouldn't it be nice to play with fiber and sqoosh skeins all day long and get paid for it? LOL