Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thoughts from Yarnover

At Yarnover, I had some samples knit from my handspun, the Floppy FairIsle hat showing how the variegated yarns look when knit up so it appears you used a lot more colors than you really did.  I also knit a simple baby hat to show what can be knit with under 100 yards.  My friend Ellen brought the beret and fingerless mitts I made for her.

Now I never got a picture of the beret after it was finished, but it is Jared Floods Beaumont Tam.  And I got such a big response at Yarnover over that set.  And I didn't have any more of the Tamerisk yarn used in both the hat and mitts.  Good lesson, if you have a sample, have the yarn available!  So today I placed an order with Ginny from Fat Cat Knits and Tamerisk was included again.  So the next time, I will be better prepared. 

Our summer is also shaping up rather quickly, our vacation is planned for Texas in June.  I can't WAIT.  I need some Tex Mex.  I need laughter with my friends.  I need Texas.  Anna will be going on a church trip in July.  Right after she gets back we are going to head up for a long weekend to Grand Marais and attend the Dragon Boat Festival.  I have a demonstration of spinning in Duluth in August.  Good Grief!  We are getting all booked up and it is only the beginning of MAY!  Time is going to fly.  But first?  Texas....I'm already dreaming.

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