Tuesday, December 16, 2008

no new pictures

But the good news is sock one is done, done I tell you. And half of the unending tails have been neatly woven in. The second sock is 9 rows from completion of the cuff, (ya, my great plan of immediately knitting the second cuff before completing the plain body of the each sock went by the wayside). Tonight I will finish the cuff and launch into the body. I should finish the second sock by Sunday (dare I hope Saturday?), which leaves me 3 1/2 days to finish the second Norwegian mitten for Kyle's Anna. Still doable, but teetering on the brink of disaster. But really, I have one complete sock, and one mitten (minus the thumb) that even if I don't knit one more stitch would show the gift recipient what they will receive. So it is not going to be a disaster no matter what. And that works for me.

Today is one of those challenging days in MN. The temp this morning was -8, -30 windchill. No matter what, that is cold. My normal commute of 35 minutes took over an hour. Just no fun, it wasn't white knuckle driving, just slow, plodding, creeping along driving. The rest of the week will be challenging, but slowly warming up (warming is used loosely here). And to top it off, we are getting 1-2 inches of snow each day this week. oh boy, we know how to party here!

I guess you could say we are just getting our outside ready for Santa to feel comfortable in! Welcome Santa, the snow bound frozen tundra is here in MN waiting for you!

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