Monday, December 29, 2008

Pictureless blog - Christams Knitting Success

Christmas knitting is SO done! My mom loved her socks. The adaptations I made worked out perfectly, they fit her perfectly. While I didn't finish the mittens before giving them to Anna, she loved them and I finished them over the weekend. Success! And I'm glad I did it. But oh man, I can finally cast on for something new, something dare I say, for ME! And while I got the new book Hand painted Socks, beautiful Claudia Hand painted sock yarn and a batch of sock needles, I started a plain vanilla sock for myself, plain stockinette and in the Tonks colorway of the Harry Potter sock line. And I'm loving it. The joy of watching the colors flow through my finger tips. No counting necessary, but just beautiful simple knitting. Doesn't get much better than that.

My girls had a good Christmas, gifts they knew they wanted, delighted gasps when they received something equally wonderful they didn't even know they just HAD to have....

I'll get pictures uploaded soon, one more week of weird work schedule, and then time to settle into the long winter. No trip to focus on to Dallas this year, instead I will have to hang on until we go to Florida for my niece's wedding in July. But much knitting will take place between then and now.

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