Thursday, December 18, 2008

T minus 6 days and counting

I'm doing the typical Christmas scramble. In years past I've been better about buying gifts ahead of time. Not this year. But I think I'm basically done. I'll need some stocking stuffers but that is it. And Anna's birthday is in good shape as well. Just need to finish wrapping those last few gifts tonight. Will fed ex presents to my niece in Florida and then I can sit back and go whew!

Oh wait, no I can't, see I have 6 days remaining in my mad dash to complete my knitting. So last night when I should have been pushing out the sock, I instead sat. Stared numbly as more snow is predicted over the next couple days. Oh and needed to color the gray that was shining through the rest of my hair. So I did. Pushed the snow out of my mind. Can't change that, it will do what it wants. Colored the gray, banished it for a while at least. Then sat down to knit.

I'm just starting the heel of sock two. Started the first color work section of the second mitten.

Now doesn't that just instill great confidence that these will be added to the completed single mates for both? sigh...I still believe they can be finished in the next 6 days. Just will be a bit harried I think. I know I can get the sock done. Hopefully this weekend. Just not as confident on the mitten.
And I'm feeling some bah humbug creeping in.

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